Evaluation Procedure

Posted by St Martha Sports Ministry on Nov 03 2015 at 03:43PM PST

Dear Parents,
This is to address general questions regarding the basketball evaluations.

Most questions address the process of dividing teams. The players’ scores from the evaluation drills are entered (by an individual not associated with basketball) into a computer program that converts the scores into rankings. The top 150% (15 players for a 10 person team) are eligible for the A team. In this example, the coach must choose at least 9 of the 10 (or all 10) players from this top 15. A coach may request one player from outside that top 15 as an exception to round out the needs of the team. This allows factors such as size and position to be taken into account.

After the first team has been selected and those players’ names removed from the list, the next top 150% (15 for a team of 10) is established by rank. Those players initially eligible for the first team and not chosen are generally assigned to the second team and open team positions filled from within that 150%. Again, a coach may request one, or with board approval, two players, who fall outside of this 150% to meet the team’s needs. This process continues until all players are assigned to a team. With regards to the two C teams, efforts are made to ensure each team can be competitive in their respective leagues.

There is an additional evaluation where players scrimmage so coaches can observe skilled play in game type scenarios and take this into account when selecting players.

While there is no perfect way to evaluate skills and talent, every effort is made to do so in an equitable manner. Please keep in mind that in grade school ball, many of these children have yet to develop and reach their potential and some players may have an “off” night during evaluations/scrimmages. As parents, teaching our children to accept their assigned team and fellow players is a much more valuable lesson in life. It is our job to help them do this in a Christian manner while instilling good sportsmanship.

Please know my intentions are to help you understand the process. I know that it can be confusing, and the results can sometimes look as if the process doesn’t work. I ask for your understanding and to put this in perspective: we evaluate 100+ players in a small allotted time frame with volunteers. We do try to do our very best. I am excited for this upcoming basketball season and look forward to watching the children grow. Go Rocks!

If you need to contact me with questions, please reach me via email at
Danny Hester
Boys’ Basketball Coordinator